The Faces Behind the Camera…
My name is Stephen Caliendo, and this is my beautiful wife, Maria. We have over 30 plus years experience together, as the owners-operators of Delta Video Productions. Maria is the glue holding the company together behind the scenes. She makes our clients comfortable while I take care of the technical aspects.

The Dream…

From the beginning, Event Videography has been my love — second only to my beautiful, supportive wife and kids. I began my dream documenting weddings in 1984. Since that time, I have filmed from the simplest to the most elegant and complex. Though the majority of my work has been focused on Weddings, I also have experience in documenting Dance Recitals and Religious Events.

For the Corporate Sector, I have documented Meetings and Seminars for the Black & Decker Corporate Headquarters.

My Approach…

My shooting style is a combination of the traditional wedding event videographer and photo journalist.  I strive to capture the “story” of your wedding day without being a distraction to it.

Our cameras are completely mobile during your reception. We don’t rely on tripods in a fixed location. We cover your event from multiple angles.

My Personal Promise To You…

A commitment to giving you outstanding customer care.
A professional and unobtrusive approach to your wedding.
My passion, expertise, and creativity in every frame of your video.
My personal choice to wear Black Tie to blend in with you and your guests.

Our Equipment…

I use 3-Chip Professional High Definition Digital Broadcast Cameras which have the capability to shoot in full 1080P, which provides our customers with the Highest Quality and Resolution available for mastering to Blu-ray.  They also shoot phenomenally well in low light, where minimal on board lighting is all that is required. Since these are shoulder mount based cameras, they allow me to be completely mobile and stable while covering your reception or special event. With the Professional type lenses we use, they allow me to capture multiple angles with both candid and fluid video without being intrusive.


I use Professional Broadcast Digital Multi-Channel Wireless Microphones for both the Groom and the Pulpit/Podium if applicable to capture flawless audio as well as to stay independent to the pre-existing wireless microphone systems that are already in place.


The editing room consists of Adobe Professional CS Series NLE (Non-Linear Editing) software for a professional polished effect. This software allows me to do all of the Audio and Video editing as well as authoring to both Blu-ray and DVD including special effects, graphic arts and titling just to mention a few.


We have a dedicated Audio & Video transfer station to handle Video Tape Conversions of S-VHS, VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8/Digital-8mm to DVD.